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Roundup of Food Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed #3

Dave made ciabatta the other day. I don’t think he intended for this loaf to end up looking like a snake, but I’m delighted that it did. It has nothing to do with this post, though.

Enjoy the food blog posts I’ve linked to! They are splendid.

As her entry for The Spice is Right #2: Sweet or Savory?, Linda made curry chocolates. Yes, those are exactly what they sound like: truffles filled with a curry powder chocolate ganache. I was thrilled. I’ve thought about using curry powder in sweets, but never actually tried it. I’m so glad that she did.

Mrs. Canada, The Unemployed Cook, made homemade pasta without using a pasta machine! She is the one who shamed and emboldened me by doing so, given how long I’ve been wanting a pasta machine, never daring to make anything more than nokedli without one. It is because of her that I tried.

Sam made guinness stout ginger cake with ginger ice cream, gingersnap ice cream, and chocolate ginger sauce – ginger overload like that sounds like a blissful way to die.

Dave made a batch of these almond macaroons from Off the Bone with the leftover egg whites last time we tried to make a custard-based ice cream. The ice cream was a failure, but the macaroons were worth the frustration and more. We kept giving baggies of them away to people who had always hated macaroons and watching them close their eyes and swoon as they tasted these. I know what my family is getting served for dessert during Pesach next year.

There are some food bloggers I always end up linking to, and Bron is one of them. Her ginger gems got me scouring the web in search of an affordable gem iron, but I found none. The hunt is still on.

The folks at Ideas in Food made onion glass. I have no words for how cool that is. I want to build a house of onion glass cards and fill it with ramp smashed potatoes that look like snowmen. I want to fit it into thick black frames and see the world through onion-tinted glasses. What a great toy.

The nutmeg doughnut muffins that Molly made for her Brandon look like the perfect breakfast food… or midnight snack… or just the right thing to serve with tea… actually, I want some right now.

These crispy deep-fried ribs aren’t actually from a food blog post, but I discovered the recipe when Sam gushed over them. We’ve been grilling ribs lately, and Dave makes an incredible barbeque sauce using our homemade sour cherry jam. But oh, I’m just drooling at the thought of what the texture of these ribs must be like.

Rosa made a banana ketchup that I’ll be serving at my next barbeque. With sultanas, bananas, tomato paste, and rum, how could it possibly fail to please? I’m excited about the array of homemade ketchup recipes I’m starting to collect.

Ivonne‘s lemon tart went missing! If you find it, you must be very lucky indeed.

Anita has a few posts I just keep staring at hungrily. Her blueberry tarts with meyer lemon cream are stunning, and the photo of them all lined up is not to be missed. Her peach tarte tatin with white peach sorbet and roasted cinnamon ice cream is also just a wonderful set of desserts where I’m sure the various individual elements meld together just right.

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5 Responses to “Roundup of Food Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed #3”

  1. Tanna says:

    What a really neat review, I found several new great blogs to add to my list.
    You are right about Ivonne’s lemon tart, I found it excellent but it went missing
    and turned up several other places:
    It was great fun and good eating.

  2. Rosa says:

    That’s an interesting list of blogs! Thanks for writing about

    I hope that you’ll enjoy the ketchup!

  3. Anita says:

    Thanks so much for the mention, I’m blushing! I love looking at your beautiful photos as well – and I love that ciabatta snake!:)

  4. Danielle says:

    Tanna – That’s great! I hadn’t realized it’d traveled so far.

    Rosa – My pleasure. ^^

    Anita – Absolutely! And thank you so much.

  5. bron says:

    Many thank yous from me too Danielle!
    Unfortunately I think Gem Irons are uniquely Kiwi,
    very hard to find even here in New Zealand, mostly only spot them in 2nd hand shops or flea markets.

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