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Fava Bean and Cherry Salad

I first tasted fava beans a few days ago. I’m not sure how I managed to miss them until now, but I did. But now that I know how creamy they are, how fresh green and buttery in texture, I will be sure not to miss them again!

Preparing fava beans to be cooked is a two step process, one that I imagine would be most pleasant done with a group of friends sitting in rocking chairs out on the front porch (or here in Brooklyn, crowded together out on the front stoop).

First, you have to open up the pods and remove the beans. Next, you have to peel the thick skin from each bean. You can blanch them first if you like, but I didn’t, since they came off fairly easily without. It helps to have nails that can pierce the skin.

The flavor combination works well – it’s a great example of the adage, ‘Things that grow together, go together!’ This time of year, I become very brave, figuring that anything fresh and beautiful I find at the market will meld together with whatever else catches my eye. It tends to work out.

I don’t plan to bust out the grill until next weekend, but we have finally started eating dinner out in the backyard, at least. Dave pulls out the big photography lamp that we like to call ‘the sun’ and sets it up out back, running the power cord in through the window, to light our late night dinners in the summer.

The salad is simple:

Saute your fava beans in ramp butter, with some freshly ground black pepper, salt, and truffle salt to taste. When they are soft and creamy, stir in some sweet cherries, which you have previously halved and pitted. Mince some preserved lemon peel and stir that in, too.

This does involve a few ingredients you have to make in advance, but if you keep them always on hand, salads like this are quick and easy to create.

This is my entry for Vegetables, Beautiful Vegetables and Salad Stravaganza.

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8 Responses to “Fava Bean and Cherry Salad”

  1. Spacedlaw says:

    Sounds wonderful !
    I had to look for what ramps were (thanks Wikipedia !) and might have to adjust the recipe to meet the availability of my local market (somewhere in the suburb of Rome – Italy) but I shall try it for sure, while the fresh fava are still on offer.

  2. Naiiad says:

    Oh yum! That looks good.

    So now I know fava beans are what we call broad beans in upside-down land. :-)

  3. Lisa says:

    ‘kay I’m not a bean fan. Ohh and I’m not a cherry fan. And, seriously, I’m not just saying this because I heart your blog or because you submitted it to our lil salad stravaganza.. I’m saying it because it’s true – it looks amazing! The colors are so vibrant! I’m guessing the ramp butter is a bit onion-y or garlic-y? And I love lemon on so many things.. I’d have to pass on the truffle salt, but I could do this salad! I felt confident of this fact so much this morning, that I stopped at the store after work and bought cherries and chickpeas (no fava beans in sight). Wish me luck! And thank you so much for submitting this salad. =)


  4. Going to market tomorrow to get a big ol bag of lemons to make your preserved lemon recipe! I’ve never done it before but it doesn’t sound that difficult…just need to be patient.

  5. abby says:

    hi danielle, this looks great. i’ve never had fava beans (known as broad beans on my side of the pond) with fruit but i think i need to try it! thanks for participating in vegetables, beautiful vegetables

  6. mandira says:

    danielle, this looks amazing. I’ve never tried fava beans in a salad, but I think I need to try it now…

  7. argus says:

    This is a wonderful picture! Love the plate and the colour of the beans contrasted with that of the cherries.

  8. [...] ‘ve had Favas on my mind since I read a post showing a beautiful Fava Bean and Cherry salad made by Danielle over at Habeas Brulee . I find the photos and recipes posted there to be very [...]

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